This dinner will be delivered to local homeless shelters, organizations, or homes who reach out to us in significant financial distress. Buy 1 or buy 100, we'll make sure it reaches someone in need. Each meal is up to 1lb of food. Arrangements have been made for these meals to be heated by local organizations who have the means to do this safely. 


Each Meal Box can be chosen as Carnivore or Vegan in the check out options. Each meal will be one of the following, as chosen by our staff: 


  • Curry Coconut Chicken & Rice / Curry Cauliflower Chickpeas & Rice 
  • Mexican Pork & Potato Casserole / Mexican Bean, Corn & Potato Casserole 
  • Jerk Chicken & Curry Potatoes / Jerk Jackfruit & Curry Potatoes 
  • Five Spice Meatballs & Sweet Chili Rice / Five Spice Mushroom Balls & Sweet Chili Rice 
  • Asian Noodle Bowl 

Buy a Meal for Vulnerable Community


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