kids menu

Kids Waffle Strips 9am-11am​
Kids Baker Street Breakfast 9am-11am​
Kids Grilled Cheese with Salad 11am​-9pm
Kids Caesar Salad with Chicken 11am​-9pm
Kids Chicken Tacos 11am​-9pm
Kids Pasta Bolognese 11am​-9pm
$10 Per Meal 
Add Beverage $2 
Kids Under 12 Only 

monday                 9am-9pm

tuesday                 9am-9pm

wednesday           9am-9pm

thursday                9am-9pm

friday                      9am-9pm

saturday                9am-9pm

sunday                  9am-9pm

In the historic

Mount Baker Hotel

1017 Baker St Cranbrook, BC

V1C 1A6