Soulfood’s COVID Safety Plan

Soulfood has developed all protocols based on worksafe bc and the BC restaurant & foodservice association recommendations and four levels of protection.



Soulfood’s dining room now has a maximum occupancy of 58 people. No party may be more than (6) individuals. All tables are seated six feet apart. If you notice any tables have gravitated toward each other, please feel free to inform our staff.


covid tracing

We will take your first name, last name and phone number upon arrival. We will not use this information for any purpose other than tracing reasons. Upon request by Interior Health, we will provide this information to health authorities if required. 


A clean table is one that is completely cleared. Please seat yourself. Your server will be with you. Staff will be limiting contact. This is not intended to provide poor service, but to protect all of us. We will leave menus and dishes at your table unless asked to clear them. At which time they will put on gloves and remove them. This removes our servers from constantly touching surfaces at differing tables throughout their shift. This is to protect you and to protect our staff. 


First level of protection: elimination

  • Customers have access to four hand sanitizer stations throughout the restaurant and a wash sink in each bathroom.

  • Staff must wash and/or sanitize their hands after every form of direct or indirect contact.

  • Soulfood uses quaternary ammonium disinfectant on all services. Quaternary ammonium attacks the protein and lipid structures, thwarting the pathogen’s typical mode of infection.

  • All service stations will be equipped with a cloth and a spray bottle of quaternary ammonium for cleaning surfaces. All cleaning clothes will be soaked in a quaternary ammonium cleaner between uses.

  • All tables, seats, and table numbers will be fully disinfected between parties.


Second level of protection: engineering controls

  • Plexiglass barriers have been installed in the cafe to protect staff and customers from direct contact. Plexiglass barriers have been installed between booths to improve height separation.

  • Separation protocols between front of house and back of house staff has been developed.

  • The bathroom hallway is now separated entry and exit. Please follow the arrows. Please sanitize your hands before entering the hallway and as you exit the hallway.

  • Arrows suggesting the direction of exit have been installed in the restaurant.

  • Floor stickers for anticipated waiting periods have been installed in the cafe.

third level of protection: administrative controls

  • Service, cooking, and cleaning protocols have been developed.

  • Suppliers are asked not to enter through the restaurant, but rather through the Cafe doors and leave any products at the Cafe bar station. NOT the barista station. Suppliers must enter only through the back bay and may not fully enter the kitchen.

fourth level of protection: protective equipment 

  • All staff have access to masks and gloves.

  • All staff will wear masks when attending any guest table or working at any service station.

  • Service staff are asked to wear gloves when clearing used dishes. If gloves are not worn, hands must be immediately washed with soapy water, and/or quatinary disinfectant.