In the historic

Mount Baker Hotel

1017 Baker St Cranbrook, BC

V1C 1A6


©2020 Kootenay Soulfood

"The beating heart of Baker Street".


a co-operatively owned farm to table whole foods restaurant

We once had a customer leave a social media review that called us “the beating heart of Baker Street.” That meant everything. Our vision was to spark change in Cranbrook and bring together the community in a place and in a way that had not been done before. We wanted to breathe life into downtown Cranbrook, and awaken sleepy Sundays with music, art, food and conversation. We wanted to host performers and artists, causes and charities. Support farmers and ranchers, organic food producers and local artisans. Give people peace of mind knowing they are about to eat good, clean, kind food acquired through the absolute best organic and local options we have available to us in the East Kootenay.

In 2018 we transitioned from a partnership to a cooperative, transferring ownership to our employees and our community. It has been a beautiful experience and we haven't looked back.



fast food, organic coffee, elixirs, smoothies, beautiful things.


frozen meals

Soulfood style meals thoughtfully developed by Red Seal chefs ready for you to take home and simply serve.

It's ok - you can say you made it yourself.


Concerts, art nights, jam sessions, long table dinners and more!


We are proud suspended coffees members

Suspended coffees is a pay it forward program. People in our community can purchase food or drink to be redeemed later by someone in need, no questions ask.

Additionally we offer a FREE community breakfast the first Tuesday of every month open to all in support of our suspended coffees program.