Our Valued Guests & Friends, 

After two years of operations with Soulfood, I have made the decision to take a step back from the industry. Operating a new restaurant, during a pandemic, brought challenges. Our team was continuously creative and navigated these challenges well. However, there was one challenge my team couldn't navigate for me. My need to support my family. Trying to navigate two family businesses, in a constantly changing landscape, was a challenge that hurt my heart. My three children were baring the brunt of the consequence, not having any time with their parents. With a continuous, "just get through three more months", I realized it was unlikely to be just three more months. For that reason, I made the decision to choose family over business. 

I cannot thank our guests enough for the incredible memories. When you get into this industry, you are reminded of just how human we all are. We shared in laughed and we shared in tears. We celebrated the happiest moments of your lives. You even allowed us to share in some of the hardest. To say I will miss our guests would been an understatement. 

I want to thank our suppliers for bringing us incredible products, and allowing us to present them in the best way we knew how. Our community loved what we presented, with each changing menu, and so much of that had to do with you and your hard work to create such quality local products. 

Over the next year, while I am home with my family, I will be working on my next adventure with food. My new goal to be able to explore the new industry models that are taking the culinary industry by storm. One that further respects work/life balance for ownership and staff. This is my way of saying, it's not goodbye. Just see you later. 

As mentioned in our social media, I will be honouring all gift cards sold under my corporation. These are any Soulfood gift cards that have the ReUp symbol on the back. I am doing my best to stream line this, as there are over 400 outstanding gift cards. The following is information needed to receive a refund: 

1. Print and complete this refund form. Please complete it before coming to Soulfood. If you do not know the amount on the gift card, please leave the amount blank. 

2. Bring your gift card and completed form to Soulfood Farm to Table on Friday, October 29th or Saturday, October 30th between the hours of 11am and 6pm.  

3. Upon arrival, your card will be scanned, to verify the amount. You will be provided a refund for the amount remaining on the card. 

Thank you for your patience during this process. Closing a corporation and refunding the gift cards is a significant amount of work and I am doing this the best way I am able, while doing so within the guidelines of the CRA. 

Thank you again, for all your support over the last two years! 

Danielle Eaton 
Soulfood Farm to Table